Last year, Daredevil was nominated for a few Emmys, but was notably not nominated for the one area where all critics agreed that the show had excelled: stunt coordination. With the Season One hallway fight that nobody could stop talking about, it seemed that the show deserved a nomination, if not a win, for the fantastic stunts. With Chris Brewster’s performance as Charlie Cox’s stunt double, the show brought the same level of intensity, if not more, in the second season.

This morning, the 2016 Emmy Nominations were announced, and it appears that Emmy voters have had time to catch up on their Netflix binges, with Daredevil nominated for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Limited Series, Or Movie.” Finally, the work by stunt coordinator Philip Silvera in this series is being recognized.

Daredevil was also nominated for “Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series.” This is the second consecutive year that the show was nominated for sound editing.

Jessica Jones was also recognized, with a nomination for “Outstanding Main Title Design” and “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.” The title sequence for Jessica Jones called back to the comics, with David Mack‘s art pulling us through Jessica’s world. Many people felt that Krysten Ritter had a good chance at a lead actress nomination, with the positive attention that Jessica Jones has gotten from critics, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to secure a nomination this time around.

We wish Daredevil and Jessica Jones the best of luck leading up to the 2016 Emmys which will be awarded on September 18.