While a lot of fans, including ourselves, are waiting on the season two announcement of the critically acclaimed Jessica Jones, we have nowhere to turn but to the next Netflix/Marvel show in line, the much awaited season two for Daredevil.

Information on the second season of ‘Ol Hornhead’s fight for Hell’s Kitchen may be almost bare (other than casting news) at the moment, but new details of a scene description have made its way online. Fans at the Brazil Comic Con Experience were given an exclusive sneak peak at the highly anticipated show’s second season and we have two scene descriptions involving Daredevil and a fight with The Punisher courtesy of this Tumblr page.

The clip is described to open inside a dimly lit room – as most scenes in the series do – and we see Daredevil in full costume make his way into it. With his radar senses, he quietly scans the room and we are shown shots of hooked meats dangling from the ceiling. Suddenly something grabs his attention. It becomes apparent to Daredevil that not only are there pieces of meat hooked from the ceiling but there are also human corpses hanged from hooks.

He inspects those hanged corpses, only to find one of them still faintly alive. He helps the dying man off the hook and questions him, “Why did they do this to you?” to which the man replies ““They? It was just a guy.”

We jump to another scene set on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. On top of one of those rooftops is a man aiming a sniper rifle at someone below. It’s Frank Castle, getting ready to dish out his own brand of justice. Unbeknownst to him, Daredevil appears right behind him. As Castle takes his shot, Daredevil runs, takes a dive and kicks the gun right from his hands. The two stand off and an intense fight ensues. The clip then cuts to the Daredevil logo.

Judging from the clip alone, it’s safe to assume they’re going even darker with this show in season two. If we thought seeing a man burned alive last season was scary, there’s no telling how we’ll react seeing those human corpses dangling on hooks from a ceiling. It’s worth nothing that the described rooftop fight scene may be a precursor to this iconic DD vs Punisher scene in the comics, given those trailer screen caps of Daredevil with a chain on his wrist and a gun taped to his hands.

The second season of Daredevil is expected to hit Netflix sometime in April of 2016. Until then, you can currently stream the first seasons of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones!

Source: Tumblr.