2015 is finally coming to a quiet close for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the Jessica Jones craze slowly coming to a halt and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. currently on winter hiatus. Despite this off-season period for fans of the MCU, much anticipation lies on the horizons of 2016. Kicking things off for an even more explosive 2016 are the much awaited second seasons of Agent Carter and Daredevil, both of which have wrapped up production in the past few days.

In a tweet from Agent Carter showrunner Michele Fazekas, she confirmed that filming for the upcoming west coast adventure of Peggy Carter has officially come to an end. As you’ll recall, the ten episode second season of Agent Carter began production back in August, kicking things off a bit earlier than they did with season one, which was still filming as the first season aired.

And just as Agent Carter wrapped its second season, so did Daredevil. In response to a question I myself sent, Daredevil/Captain America ninja-stuntman Chris Brewster has confirmed that production for the show has recently wrapped up. In case some of you missed it, about a week ago a bunch of blurry set pics depicting a rooftop fight between Daredevil and Elektra surfaced online. Those scenes could have very well been the last sequences they had to film for the show.

Agent Carter Season 2 is set to premiere on ABC on January 19, 2016, while Daredevil Season 2 is expected to premiere sometime in April of 2016.

Source: Twitter.