We’re about two weeks away from Daredevil season 3, and we still know surprisingly little about its plot and where it will leave the story after its 13 episodes. What we do know is that the show is going to shift its focus from the previous Hand’s mystical shenanigans, and as we’ll find out below, to a more human, much darker and character-driven story for Matt.

Collider was invited earlier this year for a set visit and meet up with the cast and had a few insights that can help us better understand what’s coming for our screens. The first thing made clear is that the story is not adapted directly from one comic source only, but that it is a mixture of many of them. Namely, showrunner Erik Oleson has claimed he’s drawn inspiration from Frank Miller’s Born Again and Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil arcs; two classic Daredevil comics that featured scarring irreversible moments for the character.

It is also interesting to note, as well, the fact that Oleson mentioned the now-classic HBO series The Sopranos as an inspiration for the season, considering it ot be a cross between that show and Daredevil season one. How exactly would a show about a mafia family influence the third season of another show such as this one? The first thing that comes to mind is the Wilson Fisk side of the plot, with his urban gangster ways and leadership of a powerful criminal organization.

Finally, the showrunner had to add that season three will reveal Matt’s real and deepest fear.

“When he gets to the end of this season he will realize it was actually a motivation for a lot of his decisions over the years,”

The more we read about this season, the more it seems to be a turning point for the show in terms of character development and making its protagonist as three dimensional as a character can be. It’s sounding more and more like we’re going to get a deep and painful group of episodes when October 19 arrives.

Source: Collider