Currently happening is the Daredevil Season 3 panel at New York Comic-Con, where thousands of fortunate fans in attendance get to hear the good stuff about this season from the cast themselves. In conjunction with this exciting event, Marvel has released a new promo teaser highlighting their worst kept secret this season: Bullseye. Check it out!

There’s so much to take with this minute-long clip. The trailer confirms Bullseye’s identity, Benjamin Poindexter, an alias associated with the character in the comics. Going into this season, I was hoping they’d use his more commonly referred to name, Lester. But I guess that could be incorporated in as an easter egg late in his story. We get a glimpse of what looks like an intense shootout showcasing his abilities. It’s unclear who the FBI is facing here but we do see Bullseye, or Dex as they’ll refer to him in this show, bust in, guns blazing, taking out baddies with pinpoint precision, emulating some John Wick gun-fu. The teaser also makes it a point to hint at the nuance underneath the character. Like Matt, Dex has some demons (pun intended) to deal with, within him and outside of him. I am absolutely blown away by this.

Source: Youtube