The verdict is in! After months of anticipating Daredevil Season 3, the embargos for the critic reviews have been lifted! Check it all out!

In its third season, Daredevil captures the heart and soul of Matt Murdock and Daredevil and combine them into something truly powerful. It’s more crime drama than superhero action in these six episodes, one where the good guys don’t always win and get horribly torn down in the process. But faith becomes an important tool, one that this season has garnered a lot of in its grand ascension from two good seasons, to now the beginnings of a fantastic season. There is almost a sense of finality in the movements being made in the story which gives everything a heightened level of tension, where things can’t possibly be the same again. Daredevil has cemented itself as one of the year’s best, and showrunner Erik Oleson and crew have created something spectacular.The Film Era

While it’s partly let down by its glacially-paced first three episodes, Daredevil season 3 manages to find its footing before long. Fans of the ongoing battle between Matt Murdock and Kingpin will not be disappointed.We Got It Covered

On its third showrunner in as many seasons, Daredevil also often seems like it’s reinventing itself on the fly. With that comes occasional growing pains and a tendency to fall back on formula. Still, unlike in Season 2, which toggled back and forth between Frank Castle and Elektra so often you thought you were watching different shows, everything is mostly heading in the right direction. There’s a linear flow to it all that is focused and efficient. That doesn’t mean the show couldn’t lose steam like so many other promising yet still flawed Marvel series on Netflix. But so far, so good.Observer

Daredevil Season 3 is so far off to a strong start. Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk are once again waging war for the soul of Hell’s Kitchen, but there are new adversaries and parties on the scene. Matt’s psyche is in tatters, and he’s struggling to find some measure of balance in his life. Meanwhile, Fisk appears to only be growing stronger and more coming. The interpretation of Bullseye is so far one of the lesser aspects this season, but will hopefully have a stronger payoff after a rough start.411 Mania

Despite some pacing problems, the first six episodes reviewed here are a promising start to what could be a successful third season for Marvel’s Daredevil. Most of the characters are given compelling arcs, the tensions are high, the fight sequences are fantastic and… no more faceless ninja death cults. Seasons three could be a return to form for the series, assuming the rest of the season is just as good and the pacing remains consistent.Talkies Network

Season 3 does an excellent job establishing a new villain but laying the groundwork of explosives on an emotional bridge, and the Kingpin slowly detonates the bombs until it crumbles. It is a six-episode slow built to an epic confrontation of good and evil.Monkeys Fighting Robots

There’s a lot of brooding and complaining in the first six episodes of Daredevil season three; we’ve known the MCU version of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) for some time and we’re probably used to it. But finally, we’re seeing Matt work through it all, and a lot of it is due to some interesting adversaries and a kick-ass nun.Destructoid

As stated, there’s something almost operatic or Shakespearean about the tale that showrunner Erik Olsen is weaving together, and every component (characters, settings, scenes, plot developments) feels carefully positioned and purposeful. There’s still potential room in the back half of the season for plot threads to drag, or characters to wear out their welcome, but through episodes 1 – 6, Daredevil season 3 earns the trust that it can nail the landing.Comicbook

This new season honestly left me in awe at everything. From the characters journey to the actions to the creative storytelling, this season of Daredevil might be the best yet! After viewing the first 6 episodes, one should expect mayhem to ensure this season as Matt and everyone involved in his life, are in the gravest danger they’ve been!Geeks of Color