With the cast and crew of Daredevil now assembling in New York for production, we have a new teaser for the ongoing series. Fans will recall that while Hornhead was alive and well at the end of The Defenders, the number of people who are aware of it seems to be limited to a handful of nuns one of whom is his mom. Not only does the teaser below allude to the fact that while Matt Murdock is “dead”, Daredevil is just fine, it’s also a Bible verse recited by the wise Father Lantom in the first season.


The idea of Daredevil without Murdock is an interesting one and one that has been explored in the comics. Whether or not Marco Ramirez and crew intend to draw from that arc (Fall From Grace) in addition to the beats they’ve chosen from Born Again remains to be seen. It doesn’t seem any one arc will be directly adapted into season 3 and with Sin-Eater among the potential villains, we’re not exactly sure what to expect. However, with production underway now and cameras set to roll November 13th, we might not have too long to wait before set pictures and casting announcements fill in the blanks.

Source: Twitter