Like it or hate it, the conclusion of The Defenders was inevitably going to affect Daredevil moving forward in a significant way. Speaking with EW, Marvel TV big boss Jeph Loeb was asked about how the season handles Matt Murdock’s tragic end at the finale of the vigilante team-up miniseries and revealed that the show immediately deals with the aftermath of Midland Circle. Based on the interview, the “resurrection” of Matt Murdock – however that happens – was a mandate that the current Season 3 team had to rectify. But moving forward from that, showrunner Erik Oleson had reigns to do the story he wanted to.

I came in with a pitch that took pieces of some of my favorite comic book runs, that told a larger story, and I was expecting to get more pushback, but Marvel was incredibly excited about the storyline. They let me tell the story I wanted to tell.… I wasn’t sure, given the events of Defenders, how much freedom I would have, and I ended up getting complete freedom.

Whatever the catalyst is for Matt coming back to life from the Midland Circle fall, it probably goes without saying that there’s a price to pay for such a thing. Oleson also revealed to Entertainment Weekly just where Matt’s mindset is at the beginning of the season.

Matt starts the season broken physically, broken emotionally, and broken spiritually. He’s angry at God, he’s angry at the fact that he had risked his life to do God’s work, and he’s questioning whether or not he was a fool.

It looks like that not only season 3 will see Matt completely broken, as most of fans expected, but that the religious aspect that was quite present in the first season will be back this time. After wondering whether his path was the right one, Matt has now reached the end of that path and is not satisfied at all with the role he had in God’s plan. At least that what it seems, judging form what Oleson had to say.

Matt goes to pretty much the darkest place you can. When he realizes that he’s incapable of being Daredevil, he would rather just end it than go forward in his life without abilities. He’s decided to set aside his Matt Murdock persona and just be the Devil, to isolate the lighter part of himself.

That sounds like a dark place indeed, and the showrunner puts it in a way that makes it look a very original take on the whole ‘hero life vs real life’ that many comic properties have tried to deal with before. The relationship between Matt Murdock and Daredevil is sounding definitely more complicated than ever.

Daredevil season 3 premieres on October 19th.

Source: EW