Come October 19, 2018 will officially be the year fans saw four Defenders seasons from Netflix. And while the ones we’ve seen all vary in quality, the show that seems to be the instant slam dunk is Daredevil Season 3. Paul Shirey of JoBlo took to Twitter to share his early reactions to Matt Murdock’s third outing as the Man Without Fear and it sounds incredibly promising.

Suffice it to say, Marvel-Netflix may have found its latest crowning achievement. Shirey also shared some insight on what to expect with Bullseye, a character that was described by Entertainment Weekly as a psychologically tortured one.

Fans have long wondered just how the iconic Born Again storyline would be recreated for a live-action adaptation given the different circumstances of their respective stories. As with most adaptations in the MCU, it’s apparent that it won’t be a direct one with Shirey mentioning it’ll only be a part of the larger story. His comment about villain investment makes us particularly exciting. Give us a Bullseye centric episode!

Reading these tweets makes us wish the premiere was simply hours away. Among all the Marvel-Netflix shows we’ve seen so far this year, Iron Fist Season 2 was the only one that satisfied me. I’m ready for a new Marvel-Netflix show to blow me away.

Source: Twitter