News surrounding the much-anticipated third season of Daredevil have been making the waves lately, with Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk slated to return and a new showrunner by the name of Erik Oleson spearheading the season. With production having already started and filming commencing real soon, casting breakdowns are to be expected, just like this one. A new casting report from our buddies at That Hashtag Show is saying that the production of Daredevil Season 3 is on the look out for an actor of Hindu descent to play an agent of law enforcement.

[AGENT BEN JEFFREYS]38-45, male, please submit Middle Eastern, South Asian, Israeli, Pakistani. A second-generation American, Ben is deeply committed to both his career and his family. He’s intelligent, warm and generous by nature but when pushed too far suffers a crisis of conscience. SERIES REGULAR

[GORDON]35 – 40, male, open ethnicity, FBI agent…POSSIBLE RECUR

[HIGASHI]35, male, Japanese, FBI agent…POSSIBLE RECUR

This is the second Daredevil Season 3 casting breakdown on the lookout for actors to play characters of federal law enforcement. The first came several weeks back, describing a comic character that THS reckoned to be Sin-Eater, a crazed police officer in the comics who goes on a killing spree and is listed as an FBI agent in the breakdown. Much of the basis for Daredevil Season 3 is still vague at this point, with fans yearning for it to be based on the iconic Born Again storyline, though with 2 consecutive breakdowns for specifically these types of characters, we imagine that Season 3 will feature federal law enforcement – presumably FBI – heavily throughout the season.

There many a Daredevil stories where he gets involved with the upper echelons of law enforcement. But the arc that comes to mind is The Murdock Papers, the story that concluded Brian Michael Bendis‘s incredible run. The story takes place in the midst of Daredevil’s identity scandal. He’s publicly outed as Matt Murdock and his life is total media circus. The silver lining for Matt is that no one has irrefutable concrete proof that he’s Daredevil. That is until an incarcerated Wilson Fisk reveals that he’s been keeping tabs on Daredevil and threatens to share it with the FBI in exchange for his freedom. You know how in Daredevil Season 2, Fisk starts a tab on Matt Murdock after getting socked in the face? Perfect catalyst for a Murdock Papers story in the MCU.

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Source: That Hashtag Show