A lot of speculation concerning season 3 of Daredevil revolved around Karen Page and her relationship with Matt and with the crime scene of New York City as well. That, of course, came from the possibility that the season might be inspired by Frank Miller’s Born Again comic run, in which Karen has a central role in the development of the plot.

We’re still not sure what elements from Born Again will season 3 be inspired by, though we have confirmation that it will draw inspiration from it, but in a recent interview with Collider, Debra Ann Woll, who plays the character, had a few words to say and enlighten what we can expect from Karen this time around.

The first major thing we learn is that not only will we enter deeply into the exploration of Karen’s past and backstory, but we will also do so through flashbacks. That’s not a new element to the show, but it is when it comes to the character, which suggests a pretty important role for her in the overall development of the plot. Woll said that:

We will get a sense of why shooting someone and covering it up is a bit more in her wheelhouse.

More than that, we will learn that Karen’s past included at least one scene of intense physical violence, filmed in a way that’s realistic and messy, not ninja-trained like Daredevil would fight. According to Woll, in a conversation with the assistant stunt coordinator:

He said it’s really interesting because they do so much trained, exciting acrobatic fights on this that they don’t do a lot of basic domestic violence.”

“Domestic violence” makes it sound like Karen is in for one hell of a bad trip down memory lane this season. We already know that it is going to be a tough season for Matt Murdock, but is looks like things are going to get pretty intense for Karen as well. What we gather from what we know is that we’re going to get a very intense a season of Daredevil, which premieres October 19 on Netflix.

Source: Collider