The first season of Daredevil pleased almost every Marvel fan with a Netflix subscription, with its dark, urban crime driven plotlines and spectacular technical quality. Hopes were high for season two but it didn’t exactly live up to the already high expectations. Despite its first half being a breakout success for Jon Bernthal, the second half disappointed many people, with its contrived plotting about The Hand and Elektra. It went all downhill from there when the ninjas and the Hand progressively got more uninteresting as we inched closer to The Defenders. So it should be seen as good news what Netflix Vice President of Original Content, Cindy Holland, had to say during a TCA executive session when asked about the third season: 

There is no problem with this season. I think it’s fantastic. It’s a real return to form in my view.

First of all, it’s nice to be reassured that we’re getting a great Daredevil season again. However, it’s interesting to notice how she talks about a “real return to form”. If it’s a return, then there’s something that changed between seasons one and two and that is being brought back for this third time. It’s difficult to think of anything else that changed as abruptly as the tone, which went from ‘crime thriller’ to ‘mystical ninjas’ in merely a year. So the strongest speculation here is that we are going back to the crime world of New York, hopefully getting as many memorable characters and scenes as we got the last time we were there and that the ninja stuff really is behind us. With Kingpin returning and the introduction of Bullseye, there’s plenty to be excited for in this return to form.

Source: Deadline