Iron Fist Season 2 premiered on Netflix today and is currently being received more warmly than fans compared to the maligned first season. With it comes the first teaser of Daredevil Season 3 as a post-credits tag to the season finale. And that teaser has surfaced online. It features Matt Murdock in his black ninja outfit, bruised in beaten as if it were his natural state, in a confession booth just like old times. Check it out!

So that teaser is cryptic and chilling altogether. Dying as Murdock but living as the Devil? That’s the kind of religious heretical monologuing that’s been sorely missing from the Netflix shows. Matt Murdock is having the biggest crisis of faith in his life which I reckon stems from the events of the Defenders. Sadly, the teaser doesn’t come with a release date but with the announcement that Marvel is set to make a giant Daredevil Season 3 presentation next month at New York Comic-Con, that premiere date is definitely around the corner.

Source: Youtube