Following that less-than-exciting image of Deborah Ann Woll standing in front of a building that we reported a few hours ago, we’ve been directed to another Daredevil Season 3 set photo on Twitter and it a doozy. Check it out below courtesy of Twitter user Gore Gab

We’ve known for some time now that Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk is set for a major return in the third season of ‘Ol Hornhead. And any fan who’s followed the Daredevil saga knows that Fisk’s return would entail an emancipation from his current predicament: prison. The method or loophole by which Wilson Fisk exploits to get out of jail has been something that always fascinated me. The Fisk we’ve come to know in the MCU is a man of hellish influence. With barely any money to fund his exploits in and out of prison, Daredevil Season 2 proved that what Wilson Fisk wants, he gets. I’m guessing the thing that sets his freedom in stone has something to do Season 1’s Hoffman, the corrupt cop whose testimony sent the authorities on Fisk’s ass. Also, we think that the previous image of Karen Page is her covering this event, given that both were filmed this week.

Source: Twitter