Spoiler Warning: This post contains major spoilers for season 2 of Daredevil.

The second season of Daredevil left us with plenty of questions moving forward. Whether it was Punisher leaving, Elektra dying, Nelson and Murdock closing (again), or Matt revealing his alter ego to Karen, there are a lot of stories yet to be told. All of these could be told in Daredevil season 3, The Defenders, or spin-offs for Punisher or Elektra.

While we wait on announcements for those series, showrunners Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the fallout of season 2 and what the set up means for the Netflix characters moving forward. They were asked about balancing the finale to conclude this season but also set up the future.

Ramirez: Marvel TV and Jeph Loeb have a solid plan for how everything will weave into everything. We definitely crafted it with the goal of feeding into the larger Marvel TV Universe because they have such a specific plan of action for Marvel and Netflix. That was just our hope, to make sure that it worked as its own season of TV and also as fitting in to the larger world of all the other shows.

Marvel has received a reputation that it is either their way or the highway. This is understandable given the universe they want to maintain, but they were given the necessary freedom for this season.

Petrie: We were pretty pleased with the creative freedom we were allowed. We’re big fans of the canon as well, so as to where the creative electric fences are penning us in, we put a lot of those in place ourselves. There were things we did and didn’t want to see and directions we didn’t want to go in. It was really about a love of the canon and the characters as they are. There was a lot of self regulation.

When asked if they had started planning next season, they were obviously not willing to divulge all the details or whether or not they would even return. It sounds like they want to come back but they might not have a contract or agreement in place just yet.

Ramirez: As these things go, that’s a question for Marvel TV, frankly. Not for us.

Petrie: We love our jobs but that’s all we can say.

Due to the fact that Daredevil is part of the MCU and aired during the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., some had wondered if the sections of the universe would overlap. While there was a small connection with the biker gang, the future possibilities are a mystery.

Ramirez: Also not something we can talk about.

There have been plenty of rumors that Jon Bernthal could be headlining his own series in the future due to the warm reception to Punisher. While they did not say it was happening, the way the answer it makes me believe it is happening.

Ramirez: [Laughs.] I hate not being able to answer any of these questions but that’s another one for Marvel TV, not for us.

Petrie: We can’t go near that one, unfortunately.

One of the reasons fans are hopeful that we get to see more of the Punisher is thanks to him being such a complex character. His evolution over the course of the season really developed and opened the door for him to be explored even further in the future.

Ramirez: Part of what we liked about the symmetry between the Daredevil and the Punisher storyline is the idea that we open their relationship, the first time they interact is Punisher shooting Daredevil right in the forehead. The last time they interact, Punisher is saving his life. Just the idea that you could get somebody from one side of the chess board to another, that was exciting to us as far as building character arcs.

Petrie: As the season went on, we found that lots of people were affected by the ones we thought they were going to be affected by like Matt and Elektra. Their relationship was tumultuous and exciting and it brought them each to a new place by the end of the season. But with somebody like Frank, we were excited about introducing this guy to the world. And then by the end of the season, not only has his relationship with Matt affected him going forward, but also his relationship with Karen has changed him going forward. These characters have existed for so long in the comics and we didn’t want to veer from who they were in the comics, but we can have them interact with each other in such a way that they come out, for lack of a better word, changed.

The other new character this season was Elektra and the future for her is definitely one of the biggest questions moving forward. With her death and impending resurrection, we still are unaware just what it means for her to be the Black Sky. If/when she returns, will she stay good as she was in her final breaths or revert back to her more wild side? We will find out.

Petrie: We know that Elektra is the Black Sky. And we know that the Black Sky is a very powerful tool for the Hand. And we know that the Hand is up to no damn good. The clues can be found in the canon and in the comics, but we do hope that our viewers feel that we’re not done telling this story just yet.

Elektra has always been on the fence between her wilder, more id-like impulses and the shining beacon of restraint that Matt Murdock represents in her life that confuses and infuriates her. I think a conflicted Elektra is the best Elektra that we can apply ourselves to and be interested in. Like all of our characters, she’s going to be deeply conflicted when it comes to moral choices. And we’ve built a universe where there are no easy, moral choices.

Among the connections to the larger MCU, there was one cameo that was a pleasant surprise to see when Carrie-Anne Moss appeared as Jeri Hogarth. While this was not something that played a major role in this season, it sets things up for the future and pleases all of us who want these shows to be as connected as possible.

Petrie: We’ve noticed that with our fans, with Easter eggs and crossovers a little goes a long way. Those worlds will definitely be overlapping and we’re threading them in as slowly and as carefully as we can weave them.

One of the other big returns this season that we broke was Vincent D’onofrio having a multiple episode appearance. This was something they planned from the beginning and were lucky enough to have schedules make it work.

Ramirez: It was a conversation early on and luckily the stars aligned and it all worked out. Just the thought that we got him and Matt in a room together and a story where Frank and Fisk interacted was a dream come true as storytellers and as fans of the source material. To have all these titans together was something we wanted to do from the very beginning.

As Fisk is still in prison and suspecting that Matt is actually Daredevil, he will definitely be a player moving forward. Could he be a villain worthy of The Defenders or will we wait for Daredevil season 3? No one knows.

Petrie: We don’t know yet. We love Vincent, and we know that fans want to see more of him. We know that the canon and the authors have afforded us some really interesting choices in where to go with Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock. We’re glad that the vault is full and we get to pick and choose, but we’re certainly not at a place where we’ve picked or chosen just yet.

The final shot of the season was Matt revealing his mask to Karen. We do not know how she reacts to this but it will surely be explored in the future.

Ramirez: What we wanted the most was for that to feel more like an emotional moment for Matt. He has been brought to the place where the next logical thing emotionally for him is that he just has to tell her. We wanted to build that as opposed to the mask falling off in the heat of the moment. We wanted to make sure it felt like an active choice where someone comes forward and says, “This is something you need to know about me.” In terms of what happens after that, we hope that the audience will someday get to see what comes next. We liked very much what we shot, specifically what Charlie and Deborah did in that scene.

Daredevil is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Source: THR.