Let me get a little bit personal here for a sec. Holy fucking shit. That was one of the best things I’ve seen in my life. I’ve said this before and I’ll never stop bringing it up: Daredevil to me is hands down the greatest character ever created and from the looks of this trailer alone, it is finally getting the treatment, care and love that it deserves.

The trailer is generous yet careful. We get a good amount of gratuitous shots that would make any DD fanboy weep with just the right amount of tease: Murdock in the suit, Wilson Fisk, supporting characters like Foggy, Karen and Urich, Miller’s trademark rooftop scenes and killer fight sequences. All that and it still feels like they’ve barely scratched the surface.

I have the trailer on loop as I write this and in a short amount of time, we’ve managed to nitpick and analyze those scenes for you guys. We present to you our very own analysis of the Daredevil trailer.

The trailer opens with a brooding hum and first see a classic crime story trope, two men seemingly meet in secret for an exchange in sensitive information. Good guy meets someone on the inside, bad guy confides with a mole or journalist tries to get a story. Now could that man be Vondie Curtis Hall who is playing Ben Urich?

And we hear a chilling confession from Matt Murdock intercut with shots in a church, emphasizing an important facet to the character: his personal struggle with faith and religion. It’s a lovely homage to the Miller days, where Christian iconography was commonly referenced in his writings

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned…”

Obligatory topless shot to cancel doubts of actor’s physicality. Also bruises and stitches are seen which continually reminds us on how grounded and realistic Murdock’s fight for justice is. He gets beat up, wounded and bloody.

Judging from the hazy perspective and buzzing noises, it’s a good bet that this is how they’ll depict his heightened senses. The subtle indistinguishable background voices are nice touch.

“It’s been too long since my last confession.”

Goons, domestic crime scenes and drugs. A beautiful tease on what this show really is about. It’s amazing to finally see this side of the MCU. It can’t be always about aliens invasions, crashing helicarriers and interdimensional travel. You gotta look at the finer details. The details which cause everyday struggles.

“I’ve been preoccupied of late with questions of morality…”

One of the really more shocking teases: Karen Page possibly being interrogated by Foggy Nelson for a hinted murder (according to the trailer at least). Could an emotionally beaten down Karen Page already be hinting the downward spiral she is destined to have? “Karen Page doesn’t so much get into trouble, she IS trouble.” is a quote by Deborah Ann Woll.

This only leads to further speculation: could her role in this season be an adult analogue for Mickey the girl in Man Without Fear? Or will she cross paths with Leland Owlsley who kidnaps her in the comics and is also confirmed to appear on the show? Or is this a set up for Born Again?

The mentor of Matt Murdock and the leader of the benevolent ninja cult The Chaste, to be played by the mighty Scott Glenn.

“…of right and wrong”

And we have a behind shot on who is possibly Leland Owlsley, also known as the Owl. What’s really cool about his inclusion in the series is that the Owl is a Daredevil villain from back in the day. Before that gritty element came in, the Owl represented a wackier/campier side of the Daredevil mythology. Of course, you can bet that his ridiculousness will be watered down in the show but his inclusion is a cool nod nonetheless.

“…good and evil.”

Wilson Fisk in an art gallery. I love how even the presence of Fisk is kept under wraps. It’s a good implication on how much they have up their sleeve. Fisk finding solace in something as simple and peaceful as art amidst the violent life he leads is such an interesting dichotomy.

We get a glimpse of the very mysterious Night Nurse played by the biggest name on this cast, Rosario Dawson. This is presumably the previewed scene in NYCC wherein Daredevil beats someone up in her apartment.

“I’m not seeking forgiveness for what I’ve done, Father.”

And here we have Daredevil calmly listening to his city. It’s been the biggest question about the show: will we see the red costume in all its glory? DeKnight has said that the suit will be an evolution all throughout the show so it’s a safe bet the red suit appear possibly in the end. This shot in particular gives us a good glimpse on the Man Without Fear makeshift outfit. Notice the red linings on the side. This might be the first inclusion of the color red.

Is this an attack on Matt Murdock’s building?

“I’m asking forgiveness for what I’m about to do.”

And here we have one of the most gratuitous shots any Daredevil fan could ask and weep for. Acrobatics, gun fire, billy clubs, martial arts, explosions, a glimpse of Fisk, and falling bodies.

The coup de grace which brilliantly summarizes what this show is all about. The grit, rage, blood, darkness and struggle which surrounds this side of the MCU.

This is officially our first real look into the very ambitious series lead up to the Defenders on Netflix and my oh my does it look very promising. Marvel’s stake in the comic book TV world just got a lot more serious. It’s a damn good day for us MCU fans.