Note: There are minor spoilers for Daredevil season two below!

Daredevilis a show that doesn’t back down on the secondary characters. In Season One, we fell in love with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), Marci Stahl (Amy Rutberg), Turk Barrett (Rob Morgan), Mitchell Ellison (Geoffrey Cantor), and just about everybody that Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) came into contact with over the course of those thirteen episodes. With such a great cast of secondary characters surviving Season One, we had very few new supporting cast members join the series for Season Two outside of Stephen Rider as Blake Tower.

In a recent interview, Rider talked about how Tower may not have been on Matt Murdock’s side the whole time, but that didn’t necessarily make him a bad guy.

“Unlike many people who, you know just in every day life, who try to go outside of the law to change things,” Rider said, “I think he really understands that there’s something about the law that’s flawed, but also something that’s very perfect and really great too when it’s used correctly. So I think he really starts to uphold the law, and at the same time, he also understands that there’s something that’s necessary at times when the law doesn’t do it’s job, if that makes any sense.”

As for Tower’s position on vigilantes? According to Rider, the lines get fuzzy.

“The world that is Hell’s Kitchen is very different and it is changing,” Rider explained. “Because you have all these vigilantes, and you have all these thugs and you know, all these different types of people that are coming to the forefront, and I think he is just trying to figure out which side to be on. But he does know that what Daredevil stands for is something that he stands for too. I think he’s aligned with a lot of his principles.”

While any actor has to prepare for a new role, Rider was more than prepared when Daredevil came around, because he was already a fan of the first season.

“When the audition came up, I felt like I had a very strong sense of the world that they were trying to create in terms of even understanding the values,” Rider noted. “Because I feel like although there’s a fantastical aspect to it, it’s really grounded in, I believe, the world that we live in today. So it’s very easy to kind of start to, as a fan, just as an actor, as a fan, start to put yourself in the different characters’ shoes.”

Of course, Rider couldn’t comment on his involvement in any of the other Marvel Netflix shows in development, but it would make sense for the District Attorney to show up a show like Jessica Jones, where we last saw our leading lady heading toward a murder trial. After all, D.A. Reyes (Michelle Hurd) first appeared in Jessica Jones before making her way to Daredevil season two!

“I think we’re like a bunch of Marvel nerds in a sense. … I think everybody would excited,” he said. “It’s like winning the lottery in a sense. So in that respect I don’t know, but I hope. I really do hope.”

What did you think of Rider’s performance in Daredevil? Do you have any guesses on where he will pop up next? Sound off in the comment below!

You can currently stream the first two seasons of Daredevil, along with the equally as fantastic first season of Jessica Jones, now on Netflix!

Source: International Business Times.