As the fandom prepares for the inevitably painful end of the MCU as we know it with Avengers 4, Marvel Studios is already hard at work prepping for its future. In addition to the films that are already in the works like Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Eternals and Black Widow, Feige and his crew of visionaries are diligently commissioning scripts for potential films down the line. And according to our good friends at That Hashtag Show, one of the completed scripts is Dark Avengers.

For the uninitiated, Dark Avengers was a team of villains disguised as Avengers formed by Norman Osborn when he took over Tony Stark’s role in the Marvel Universe as the de facto protector of the world, in the year-long Dark Reign storyline. Mind you, That Hashtag Show is quick to note that this may be one of those scripts that never gets greenlit by the studio. Unproduced scripts are plentiful in Hollywood and the Marvel Studios Dark Avengers script may be another casualty down the road.

But for posterity’s sake, let’s imagine what this could mean for the MCU down the road. Relative to some of the large-scale stories in the Marvel Universe, Dark Reign is a very grounded story. Having a Dark Avengers film or an iteration of the Dark Reign story means that there will be a focus on more Earth-based threats rather than cosmic-scale events, which I think is the right way to go following Infinity War and Avengers 4. The idea of a villainous team in the MCU has been something fans have been craving for a while now. Bringing Norman Osborn to the forefront in this manner, widely different from his other cinematic appearances, is fresh for the character. And if Norman isn’t available, you have Thunderbolt Ross as the perfect substitute.

Source: That Hashtag Show