Most, if not all, of the announced Disney+ shows have filled the ranks of their superhero rosters with lead actors already. With the exception of Moon Knight and Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, we pretty much have a clear idea of what the next batch of MCU superstars are gonna look like. Now, we may have an idea on the type of leading man Marvel Studios is looking at for Marc Spector in Moon Knight. According to a rumor from Charles Murphy, the names of Daveed Diggs and Nick Kroll are reportedly on Marvel’s radar for the Fist of Konshu.

If this report is to be believed, then it’s another case of Marvel going outside-of-the-box for their casting process. Daveed Diggs, I could see in the role; he’s got fantastic acting chops as seen in the acclaimed film Blindspotting and of course, everyone’s favorite Broadway show Hamilton. Kroll not so much as I’ve associated him with widely eccentric comedy roles. However, it’s always to good to remember that it was the MCU who turned chubby Chris Pratt and goofy Paul Rudd into leading men. Kumail Nanjiani became the most ripped funny guy in the world because Eternals. So, Kroll could work with Kevin Feige‘s magic. I’ve heard Kroll has also dabbled in some serious drama roles as well. Overall, this report paints a clearer picture of what Marc Spector could be like in the MCU.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse