You can file this one in our designated “Holy Shit!” folder: Entertainment Weekly just confirmed that David Tennant would return in the second season of Jessica Jones which is currently filming. The capacity of Kilgrave’s role is being kept incredibly under wraps at this point but EW has nonetheless revealed a photo from the set of Jessica Jones Season 2 featuring Murdercorpse himself and Krysten Ritter. Again, holy shit!

Logic dictates that the presence of Kilgrave in the second season of the show clearly means that he’ll be in some kind of flashback. However, irrational fanboyism dictates that the writers have magically found away to bring Kilgrave back from the dead! He’s been cloned all along, resurrected by the Hand, given regeneration powers and crowned the true Black Sky! In all seriousness, it’s probably a flashback. Still, having David Tennant is always a good thing with any show. We’re glad that the writers have found a way to bring back our boi Kilgrave in. Now if only they could find a way to make him cross paths with Daredevil as he originally did in the comics.

Anyone else hyped with Tennant’s return? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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