The Iron Fist twitter has been quite active pushing out pictures with the episode titles, cryptic messages and trailers for the upcoming show. Season 2 seems to have a strong focus on exploring the relationship between former comrades, Danny and Davos. After the events of the first season, we got a major tease that Madame Gao might make use of Davos, which teased his future as the Steel Serpent on the show. It seems that we won’t have to wait long, as the latest teaser released on Iron Fist‘s official Twitter reveals that Danny’s once closest friend may become his biggest threat.

Davos finally obtained the Iron Fist, which probably did not surprise long-time fans of the characters’ mythology. It is interesting that it seems his hand seems to be glowing red rather than Danny’s usual yellow. This could also just be the result of the lighting, as he did have the same glow as Danny’s version in the comics. Moreover, this reveal also makes sense given that the last episode title to be revealed for the season was titled “A Duel of Iron”. It will be interesting to see how devastating the power of two colliding Iron Fists will be in the upcoming second season.

Are you excited? Did you think we would get Steel Serpent so soon?

Sources: Twitter