As the Fox/Disney merger starts to make real progress, we’re finally getting something close to official news about when the formerly-Fox-owned properties will be joining the MCU! Fans have long imagined how characters from both the Fantastic 4 and X-Men franchises will come to play with the established heroes from the Infinity Saga, possibly none more so than everybody’s favorite foul-mouthed fourth-wall-breaker: Deadpool!

Not exactly known for being family-friendly, Wade W. Wilson’s integration into the MCU was always going to be a potentially tricky addition to the Disney-controlled Marvel movies. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently re-confirmed that Marvel President Kevin Feige does now have control over all of the Fox characters, but there have been some debates internally about whether Deadpool can move around easily between the PG-13 MCU movies and his own R-rated solo movies.

The good news is that it appears Disney and Marvel are very in tune with what the fans want. There has been nothing but unapologetic joy (much of it from yours truly) about the X-Men and Fantastic 4 coming home with the OG Avengers, and it’s imperative that the characters, including the Merc with a Mouth, are brought in the right way. The House of Mouse seems to be open to more adult-oriented films, and Deadpool obviously is a character that shouldn’t (and most likely can’t) be held back by the MPAA. His two solo outings have proven that an R-rated superhero movie can be successful financially and critically, and even if it’s just me, a Tom Holland/Ryan Reynolds team-up on-screen would no-doubt leave me in tears of pure emotional bliss.

As we await more official announcements, Marvel fans are all highly anticipating all of the new franchises and characters joining the MCU family. Time to make the chimichangas, Marvel!

Source: Twitter