With Luke Cage breaking the internet and The Defenders gearing up for production, one might forget that several other Netflix shows are in some stage or pre-production. One of those shows is the third season of Daredevil. Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page, recently offered some thoughts on where her character and others will go in the third installment of the show.

Fans have been eager to see the relationship between Page and Matt Murdock develop since the start of the series. In the source material, Page is arguably the greatest love interest of Daredevil’s life and certainly is the most tragic. Karen Page goes so many places in the various comic storylines that the show runners could take her and Matt to many different places. Season two ended with Matt finally revealing his alter ego to Karen, and that means she’s now under pressure to come clean about her own past as well.

[W]e tried getting them together in that second season, but it was never going to work because they were hiding half of who they were from each other. So now Matt’s revealed, who he is but Karen revealed who she is yet. So that’s really going to be her move, because when does she decide to tell Matt that she represents everything he hates? So I think their relationship, whether it continues to be romantic or not, is going to be a fascinating one to live with.

When Page shot Wesley in season one it felt like a major turning point. That plot line sort of simmered under the surface the whole of season two. (Not to mention the ominous line, “Do you think this is the first time I’ve shot someone?”) Now that Matt has come clean, Karen’s response will be interesting. Does she tell the truth too? If she doesn’t, won’t her secrecy be obvious to a man who can detect lies by listening to heart beats? Can their relationship ever grow with so many secrets?

While Karen’s body count might put distance between herself and Matt, it might actually help her connect with another character on the show. Woll spent some time talking about her scenes with Jon Bernthal‘s Punisher, a highlight of the second season.

I was very, very impressed with what wrote for me and I think the stuff with Frank [Jon Bernthal] is such an amazing gift. The idea of putting those two together is so interesting and smart and new — and that they parallel each other. They’re much more similar than we would ever have thought, because Karen has taken that extra step that Matt won’t even take and that’s to kill another human being. So, in a way, she is more akin to the Punisher than she is to him, or she’s somewhere stuck in the middle. It’s a really interesting place to be.

Given how good their chemistry was, might fans be looking for Woll to appear in the upcoming Punisher spin-off?

Our contracts are all like, whatever we ask you to do you try and make yourself available to do it, so there’s always that possibility. But we’ll find out.

Seeing Karen Page on Punisher would be a treat for many viewers who loved her dynamic with Frank Castle. While the connection between the two characters isn’t traditional, it would be a shame to waste the chemistry the two actors clearly have with one another. Her appearance on the show would also help to keep the Netflix Marvel shows deeply connected to one another.

Marvel TV has been pretty close to the vest with their production schedule. Might Ms. Woll be able to help fans out with some more details on when Daredevil season three is coming?

Well, our specific next season is so far in the future. They have to get DEFENDERS out first.

Sounds like it will be quite some time until Daredevil returns in a solo show. At this point Iron Fist and The Defenders are definitely coming first. Both Punisher and Jessica Jones season two appear to be further into pre-production. But Daredevil is the flagship character for the Netflix Marvel brand, so it’s hard to believe production won’t be gearing up sometime in 2017.

For more from the Woll interview, check out the full conversation at seat42f, linked below. Are you excited about a third season of Daredevil? What would you like to see happen between Matt and Karen? Are there any comic storylines you would like to see adapted? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: seat42f