With 200 days worth of filming over the span of 2-years, we’ve covered a lot of reports and rumors surrounding Avengers: Endgame. With the movie finally out now, we can take a look at some of them and see how they all panned out.

Did Katherine Langford Get Snapped? No Show – October 26, 2018

WHAT: It was reported by trades The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter that 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford had joined Avengers: Endgame. Many fans speculated that she could be playing either Kate Bishop or an original character like Morgan Stark.

IN THE FILM: Langford is nowhere to be found or heard in the film. The likely reason is that her scenes in the film ended up on the cutting-room floor. But with the recently announced Hawkeye series on Disney+ and the confirmation that Kate Bishop was appearing it, her absence in the film may have been timely after all.

Avengers: Annihilation – October 4, 2018

WHAT: To me, one of the big blunders leading up to the release of Endgame was the secrecy surrounding the title. They kept it from us way too long like it was a huge deal, so much so that Kevin Feige had to temper fan expectation on record. One title everyone latched onto was Annihilation, a title MCU Cosmic claimed was set for Infinity War’s follow-up.

IN THE FILM: To be fair, the Russos were adamant on record that the title for the fourth film was never uttered in Infinity War so Endgame quickly ruled out despite being the fan-favorite. I personally was never on board for the title Annihilation, simply because it had a very grim ring to it and it was a storyline title based on a completely different threat in the comics, Annihilus, who happened to be a Fox character at the time. And with the impending acquisition by Disney, it made sense that they were saving the Annihilation title for something else.

New Foes and Threats – October 11, 2018

WHAT: Avengers: Endgame merchandise teased new foes and greater threats in the film. Being the obsessive and speculative fan that I am, I figured that they would introduce a larger cosmic and more abstract threat like Eternity or a universal incursion would loom over Thanos for breaking the order of the universe. I was way off.

IN THE FILM: If you count a younger version of Thanos, Nebula and his Chitauri army as new then yes, the Avengers definitely faced new foes in this film. The giant Outrider creature certainly is. As for the greater threat, there’s absolutely something more threatening about a more brutal version of Thanos planning to restart the universe down to its last atom.

The Starks Have a Baby – May 11, 2018

WHAT: The first of the two spoilers Gwyneth Paltrow casually revealed during the entirety of Endgame’s production. She reveals in an interview that Pepper and Tony have a kid….

IN THE FILM: ….. which we now know to be a fact and is actually a pretty huge part of Tony’s arc. Named after Pepper’s eccentric uncle, Morgan Stark was first hinted at in Avengers: Infinity War when Tony shares a dream to Pepper. Morgan ends up being one of the bigger highlights in Endgame as she steals the few scenes she’s in with her charm and cuteness. We also have her thank for the film’s most quotable line, “I love you 3000.”

John Slattery Returns – September 7, 2018

WHAT: Our friends at That Hashtag Show claimed that John Slattery had filmed scenes for Endgame. They were also the first ones to describe the film as a time-heist, a term which Scott Lang literally says.

IN THE FILM: Slattery’s role is brief but crucial to Tony’s arc in the film. Throughout the MCU, Tony has had mixed feelings about his father. He often described Howard Stark as a cold man who put his work above family and couldn’t wait to get his only child out of the house. In Endgame, Tony gets a heartwarming glimpse at the man who gave him tough love. They share a wonderful connection about becoming a dad which I think brilliantly informs to big step Tony takes to save the world and his daughter.

Kronos Cameo – June 21, 2018

WHAT: A report from MCU Cosmic claimed that the follow up to Infinity War would introduce the Eternals by debuting Kronos, the Titan God of Time.

IN THE FILM: While Kronos was nowhere to be found in the film, it made sense at the time of the reporting to think that the God of Time would be introduced in a film where time-travel was going to be a key component. Interestingly enough, it was revealed just a few days ago that they originally planned on including The Living Tribunal during the Titan fight in Infinity War. I’m guessing there was always an interest by the creative team to delve into the more abstract cosmic characters.

Twins Casting Call – November 24, 2017

WHAT: A casting call for the movie was put out looking for 2-year old twin caucasian boys which would be approved by the Russos themselves. And when comic fans read ‘Avengers’ and ‘twins’ in one sentence, they immediately come to the conclusion that it’s referring to Wanda and Vision’s superpowered baby boys. Count me in as one of those fans.

IN THE FILM: As it was pointed out to me quickly in the comment section, twins are usually required when filming toddlers due to child protection restrictions as only a very limited amount of time is allotted for them on set. The only male toddler in the film that comes to mind is Hawkeye’s youngest kid. So chances are, this casting call was for Nathaniel Pietro Barton.

EDIT: As it was pointed out to me in the comment section below, the twins in the cast list are credited as Baby Scott, the other toddler I totally forgot writing this.

Skrulls Cameo – May 10, 2018

WHAT: A casting call for the film was putting asking for extras comfortable with facial prosthetics being applied to them. MCU Cosmic linked this to a scene they were filming in the Japan set of Endgame featuring Ronin. According to the site, Clint was going to Japan to dispose of Skrulls disguised as Yakuzas.

IN THE FILM: It didn’t pan out the way it was described but I sure as hell wouldn’t have minded seeing them build the Skrull invasion slowly. Clint’s mission in Japan ends up being a nomadic and tragic one as he takes it upon himself to get rid of the people who feels should have been snapped away.

Harley Returns – October 21, 2017

WHAT: IMDB reported that Ty Simpkins was reappearing in the MCU as Harley after a 6-year absence following his debut in Iron Man 3. A set insider claimed that Simpkins was filming scenes with Robert Downey Jr. in a sequence that featured B.A.R.F. tech from Captain America: Civil War.

IN THE FILM: Harley does appear in Endgame. At the very end. In a 2-second cameo.

The Return of B.A.R.F. Tech – January 24, 2018

WHAT: Various set photos and reports surfaced explicitly revealing the inclusion of Tony’s B.A.R.F. technology from Captain America: Civil War. Someone claiming to be on the set even described a scene being filmed as Tony showing his friend from Iron Man 3, Harley, memories of the past they’re digging through to help with the fight against Thanos.

IN THE FILM: A total bamboozle from the Russos. They even gave an interview saying the tech would return in Endgame. I had a feeling it was simply too good to be true for a prop with B.A.R.F. written on it to be laid out in the open for the public to see. But when the story surfaced nearly 2 years ago, it was believable enough to buy.

Sitwell and Rumlow Show Up Near the Set – November 6, 2017

WHAT: The names of Maximiliano Hernandez and Frank Grillo were listed at an event near the Atlanta set of Endgame. The event was a benefit reading featuring all Endgame cast members. A dead giveaway that Rumlow and Sitwell were appearing in the movie.

IN THE FILM: The two presently-deceased HYDRA agents show up in the film’s Return to New York scene in what might be the best easter egg in the whole movie. Cap walks into an elevator filled with HYDRA agents, leading us, the audience, to believe that another kickass elevator fight is about to take place. But the Russos throw us for a loop with an ingenious twist to an already iconic scene as Cap utters the unthinkable, “Hail Hydra.” It’s a brilliant reference to the highly-controversial Cap-is-HYDRA twist in the comics from a few years ago paired with a quintessential Cap moment from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Return to New York – January 10, 2018

WHAT: Arguably the biggest set photos to surface from the production; images of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Ant-Man returning to the 2012 Battle of New York. This photo gave us the most evident inkling that time-travel would be heavily featured in this movie.

IN THE FILM: We got exactly what we saw in those photos. A highly entertaining familiar yet fresh take on one of the MCU’s most iconic battles. Presumably, these photos, in particular, are from when they arrive in the timeline a few blocks from Grand Central.

Carol and Hulk Moment – November 28, 2017

WHAT: Scarlett Johansson tells an onset story to Vanity Fair about an interaction they filmed between Hulk and Captain Marvel.

She’s so great, but a really cute thing happened the other day where Hulk is standing next to her and Joe Russo told her to put her hand in front of Mark [Ruffalo]’s face to stop him, and she’s like, “In front of his face?” And they explained, “that’s where his chest is,” and she looks up and yells, “I’m new! I’m new!” I’m like, “damn, girl.”

IN THE FILM: We barely get an encounter between human Banner and Danvers in the opening act of the film, let alone an actual Hulk and Captain Marvel moment in the final act. The interaction they shot could have been one of those casualties in the editing room. Should that be the case, a bit disappointing because who knows how long until we see another big Avengers fight?

Paltrow in Armor – December 13, 2017

WHAT: That Paltrow isn’t put on the same league as her loudmouth co-stars Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo is crazy. Not only did she spoil the inclusion of Morgan Stark but she unknowingly posted an image of her in a mo-cap suit, prompting fans to speculate that she dons an armor once more. Everyone’s suspicions were confirmed when a leaked selfie of Paltrow wearing the suit surfaced online.

IN THE FILM: Pepper Potts is one of the big characters to show up in the last stand against Thanos. We get a tease of her armor right at the beginning when her daughter Morgan appears wearing its helmet but it isn’t until the final act that Pepper shows up in her iconic Rescue armor. Prior to the film, one of the prevailing fan theories surrounding Tony and Nebula’s stranded stint in the Benatar was that they would be rescued by Pepper herself.

Mourners Casting Call – October 15, 2017

WHAT: Another of those mysterious casting calls that fans lost their minds over. You think mourners in an Avengers film, you think one of the big guys will die. While two beloved Avengers did die in the movie, these mourners were for something else completely.

IN THE FILM: Early in the movie when Scott Lang makes his way out of the Quantum Realm to the streets of San Francisco, he stumbles upon a huge monument dedicated to the Vanished, victims of Thanos’ snap. Surrounding this memorial were, you guessed it, mourners.

60’s Casting Call – September 17, 2017

WHAT: The production was eyeing several female extras to dress in 60s secretary and engineer clothing.

IN THE FILM: This was likely for the sequence where Steve and Tony time travel back to the 1970’s in Camp Leighigh. The scene at hand features several female extras dressed in groovy clothing including Yvette Nicole Brown, one of two community vets who make a cameo in the film. Of course, we also see Peggy rocking the attire in the same sequence.

That Mysterious Shoot in Durham Cathedral – May 15, 2017

WHAT: Scotland was home to a couple of sequences in this two-part Avengers conclusion and one notable location they filmed in was Durham Cathedral, a centuries-old church harkening back to the middle ages. As someone who tracked the production closely, news that they were filming in this location was big. This could be them going medieval with the tone and visuals, we thought. Set photos revealed a statue that was once seen in Thor’s ominous vision of Ragnarok in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This could be a stand-in for Norse staple Valhalla, we thought. But when Infinity War and Endgame came along, this location didn’t seem to make the cut of the movie. At least I thought so until I saw it during my second viewing.

IN THE FILM: Turns out, this Durham shoot was for one key sequence in Endgame: the 2013 Asgard sequence with Thor and Rocket. In the film’s time-heist centerpiece, Thor and Rocket are tasked to retrieve the Aether from Jane Foster in Asgard. While previous depictions of Asgard showcase the realm’s scale by giving us varying locations of Thor’s home, we only really see this huge hallway in the movie.

30-Character Splash Page – June 19, 2017

WHAT: Scarlett Johansson shared in an interview with Stephen Colbert details on a scene they shot featuring 30 or so superheroes. The Titan scene in Infinity War featured about 7 name Marvel characters while the Wakanda fight had around 15 so it was obvious this was happening in the next movie.

IN THE FILM: It’s the biggest and most glorious fight scene put to screen by Marvel. Entire teams and armies making one last stand in the fight against Thanos. On top of every franchise character, you have the Ravagers, Wakandans, Sanctum Protectors, Asgardians, and probably a few more I missed. Some cast members have posted videos of them rehearsing and filming this scene so you should check them out to see the scale behind-the-scenes.

Chris Evans Filming A Period Scene – November 22, 2017

WHAT: America’s ass Chris Evans was spotted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a set tailored to look like the 40s. I speculated in the article I wrote that this was one of those B.A.R.F. flashbacks which we now know to be fake.

IN THE FILM: We didn’t know it two years ago but it’s pretty surreal to know that this was the film’s final scene. In a movie full of moving moments, who knew this set photo would be the setting for one of the most moving scenes they’ve done in the MCU?