Yesterday, this image surfaced from the upcoming August issue of Empire Magazine featuring the four Defenders together that has since been spoofed by showrunner Marco Ramirez. Now, some more images have surfaced from the Empire’s Defenders coverage and they contain some interesting tidbits from the stars themselves. The four stars were asked what each of their characters would bring to the table and had this to say.

Matt’s quite good on the investigative trail with Jessica Jones. Matt can hear people’s heartbeat and sense when they lie.Charlie Cox

It’s no secret to fans where Matt’s strengths lie. He’s the best radar anyone can have and it looks like it’ll be put to good use in the unraveling of what mysteries lie before them. I’ve long imagined that Matt would essentially be the team’s primary tactician with his radar sense and all. He can map out entire floors filled with goons before any of them step onto it. I’m hoping that this comes into play in whatever action sequences they have.

I think Jessica sticks out like a sore thumb. Her comments are off-color. She thinks everything they’re doing is ridiculous. But she knows she has something to bring to the table.Krysten Ritter

Surprise, surprise. Jessica will be team’s designated shit-talker and we’ve shades of that in the trailer. We know she can probably beat everyone up on the team without trying so it’s cool they’re accentuating her other strengths i.e. her wild card nature. Anything goes with Jessica and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s also probably the only one in the team not afraid to make the tough call of taking a life if need be.

He comes in as a bruiser. But he’s level-headed and aware. He’s that kind of guy. He’ll come in, weigh all the options and decide how to proceed. There’s a mystical element to the series and Luke is a little apprehensive about that. Where he’s from, there is no such thing as mysticism.Mike Colter

Colter being the most grounded dude on the team makes a ton of sense. He isn’t used to dealing with reborn ninjas or ancient cults so he’s naturally the most doubtful of the group. If he’s baffled at Danny calling himself the Iron Fist, I can’t wait to see him react to Matt’s dead girlfriend come back to life.

Danny is the youngest of the group and I think that youth gives him an edge. He’s got an energetic drive to get things done. He’s the strongest voice for a team up. But he’s reckless as well. He won’t think before he acts. That gets him and the other three into a lot of trouble.Finn Jones

If Luke Cage is the Hulk of the team, then Danny is the Thor. The mystic dude who packs a mean punch that can be used when shit truly hits the fan. He knows what the hell is up and is aware of the immensity of the Hand’s threat to New York, similar to what would likely be Thor’s role in Avengers: Infinity War. Having experienced fewer tragedies in his adulthood than his allies who’ve seen rock bottom in their recent years, it also makes sense for Danny to be the most enthusiastic member of the team. The runt of the pack who wants to get things done as soon as possible.

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Source: Empire via Man Without Fear and VK Studios