Marvel News Desk is back!  For those who haven’t heard, the MCU Exchange Podcast is now Marvel News Desk, the official podcast of  We’ve got the same team of Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon and the same format, just a little bit of rebranding.  On this week’s episode, we continue to process The Defenders and ask if some of those criticisms that have nagged the conversation are misplaced or right on.  We also look at all the latest MCU news, reviews, and speculation per usual.  So lend us your earballs and click play for the latest Marvel News Desk!


1:00-Punisher Casting
8:30-ABC “Jessica Jones-esque” Show
13:11-Runaways Early Reviews
17:35-Thor: Ragnarok Run Time
19:08-Daredevil Season 3 Filming
21:02-Iron Fist Season 2 Fight Training
23:10-Quick Hit News-Nova in the MCU, Norman Osborn in Silver & Black, Casting for Avengers: Infinity War

25:25-The Great Defenders Debate

53:35-Iron Fist’s Journey to the Mystical Land of Staten Island

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