The Netflix Marvel Universe is charging forward. We are less than six weeks from seeing the entirety of Iron Fist (Five weeks, six days, and 12+ hours, but who’s counting?), which will be followed by the culmination of all of the Marvel Netflix heroes in The Defenders. With Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist coming together, we still aren’t sure what the real threat from Sigourney Weaver‘s big bad character, “Alexandra,” is going to be.

Like all of the Netflix shows, The Defenders films throughout New York City. While the main stages are in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it’s not unusual for them to branch out into the other boroughs. Luke Cage filmed many scenes in Harlem, and we know that Pop’s Barbershop was revived while The Defenders was filming. All of the shows have filmed in Manhattan, and the final fight of Daredevil season two (as well as many other scenes) was filmed in Queens. This week, The Defenders ventured over to Staten Island, an area they supposedly became familiar with during filming of Iron Fist.

According to SI Live, filming on Staten Island is increasing, as they become more familiar with what the area offers.

Marvel’s infatuation with Staten Island started in July and continued in September as Mariners Harbor and Snug Harbor provided the setting for “Iron Fist.” Cast and crew were seen occupying a majority of Prospect Street, Union Place, Beach Street, Water Street and Canal Street.

Buena Vista Studios — which owns Disney and Marvel — chose this S.I. spot as a set because of the area’s popularity, according to a source with knowledge of the project. The building they chose to film inside was listed by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

While there is no confirmation of what they were filming, or what characters will appear, there is a (possibly spoilery!) hint that it won’t go well for Mike Colter‘s Luke Cage.

Granted, none of the name “stars” were confirmed to be on S.I. — but we overheard a crew member on set talking about a scene being filmed where “Luke gets punched and is down.”

There is one character that could have a fist strong enough to punch Luke Cage and make him go down, but Finn Jones’ Danny Rand should be on the same side as Cage! Of course, Strycker found a way to get the bulletproof hero down, in Luke Cage, so we know it can be done. Perhaps the evil brother will be back, in collusion with the mysterious villain of the series or maybe it’s one of the stronger ninjas of the Hand. Any fans of Kirigi out there?

We don’t have a premiere date for The Defenders, yet, but it will be out sometime this summer, on Netflix. For now, let us know how we might see Luke Cage go down in the comments!

Source: SI Live