The recent confirmation of Vincent D’Onofrio‘s return to the much-anticipated third season of Daredevil was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from fans who have longed the return of Wilson Fisk. Among those fans is Daredevil Season 1 showrunner Steven DeKnight, who shared his willingness to do a Kingpin miniseries based off of Ed Brubaker‘s epilogue to his incredible Daredevil run.

While not necessarily a solo Kingpin story, fans with DD deep-cut knowledge know that Return of the King is one of the quintessential stories with Wilson Fisk on the forefront. It chronicles the Kingpin’s return to Hell’s Kitchen from Spain after a long absence following the demise his empire and loved ones. In it, Fisk’s make one final play to take over Hell’s Kitchen along with the hopes of taking out all his enemies in one swoop. The series is incredibly dark, surprisingly moving and gives good insight into the complexities of Wilson Fisk. DeKnight’s experience showrunning the entirety of Spartacus as well as its spin-off miniseries makes him the perfect candidate for the job. Plus DeKnight totally gets Fisk (he wrote D’Onofrio’s chilling ‘I am the ill intent” speech in Season 1’s finale). My only issue with Return of the King is that it heavily features the Hand and the less that can be said about the MCU’s Hand, the better.

Source: Twitter

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