One of the small connecting point across the MCU is news station WHIH. They were the ones reporting on the first sighting of Hulk on the campus of Culver University and has gone on to be the new home of Christine Everhart (Leslie Bibb). We had not seen the character since Iron Man 2, but then last year in the lead up to Ant-Man, Marvel started to use her and WHIH as a new online promotional campaign. It included an interview with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was happy to see them bringing it back to promote Captain America: Civil War.

We have so far seen two videos in the lead up to the film, one addressing the Avengers and the other the financial impact on the destruction they have brought. Now they have released a third video talking about the destruction of D.C. and rumors of Thunderbolt Ross getting into politics.

The video featured at the top of the post has some fun discussions about the impact of the attack on D.C. and what people think about Ross becoming more involved with superheroes. However, the ticker at the bottom has once again had some nice Easter eggs attached as well. They mentioned the giant pet ant from Ant-Man has been spotted multiple times by local residents; a new interim CEO at Transia, the technological company Malick and Hive overtook on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; and the rise in popularity of a certain shawarma business.

The WHIH twitter account teased the video with the following tweets.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the world inside the MCU courtesy of WHIH as they will have an interview with President Ellis in the near future. Tell us if you like Marvel using WHIH as a promotional tool in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: WHIH.