It is safe to say that Marvel has officially put their foot on the gas and is entering the stage where they heavily promote Captain America: Civil War. Today alone has brought up plenty of new information and photos for a lot of the characters. We finally know who Martin Freeman is playing, got to see Chadwick Boseman not in costume, official looks at Crossbones and Scarlet Witch, plus confirmation of Gwenyth Paltrow appearing in the movie in the midst of a “dramatic ending.”

The return of Pepper makes me wonder why she was only included in the re-shoots (perhaps it has something to do with the recent spoilery rumor). Thanks to the latest issue of Empire, some more details have come out about two different relationships in the movie. For all you, Spider-Man fans, there was a brief tease just for you.

While we still do not know just how big of a role Spider-Man will play in the movie, we have a small idea of when he enters the movie. What Culture posted some details about what was in the Empire issue, which reveals that he will join the fight after the rest of our characters choose their side. They did not say which side he joins, but did tease that he,

Forms a relationship with one character.

All signs seem to point towards that being Iron Man. There have been rumors that Tony recruits him and builds his web-shooters. Even in the most recent teaser, I believe that he is standing to the right of Black Panther just out of frame.

While Peter Parker is busy forming new relationships during his MCU debut, Captain America will be trying to rebuild his oldest one. We know at some point, probably halfway through the movie, that Bucky and Steve reconnect for good. As director Joe Russo explains, the big brother dynamic has switched.

He and Steve have the emotional connection of brothers – even more so because Bucky was all Steve had growing up. Bucky was his protector, and that dynamic shifted when Steve Became Captain America, and now it has shifted again. The Cap-Bucky story is a love story; he can’t let go of his brother. He can reconcile Bucky’s crimes, but other people have no emotional context for Bucky, and they need to point the finger. We have no idea if he’s a hero or a villain. People are going to walk out arguing about that too.

It is very important to give Bucky plenty of screen time and development throughout the movie. He is one of the driving forces behind the movie and I can’t wait to see what Bucky does once he regains a sense of morality and remembers all the terrible things he has done.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: Empire via What Culture