The guys over at That Hashtag Show still have a lot in store for us, as they have one more scoop on the upcoming Silver and Black film. In their last article, they discussed the various villains that will appear in the upcoming film. It seems that Felicia Hardy and Silver Sablinova will not be alone in the upcoming film, as they will have some help along the way. Here is a short overview of what heroes one can expect in the film.

What makes this upcoming Sony film interesting is the focus on anti-heroes of Spidey’s universe. Especially a professional thief like Felicia will steal from the wrong people and this time she will have quite a few people on her tail. One of them is quite an interesting one, as once this character was cast for the pilot-only Most Wanted with Delroy Lindo in the titular role. As that project fell through, we will now see him make an appearance in Sony’s upcoming project. He will depart from his comic origins as a brigand and work for the U.S. Department of Justice. He will share a history with Silver and it seems we can expect him to be closer to Han Solo in some regards. They seem to be going for a storyline that is inspired by Sable and Fortune mini-series run with his character and to set him up for future appearances.

We will also see the Korean-American agent, Mark Sim, make an appearance, who might be the youngest addition. The character was only recently created by Christopher Yost, who is penning the script and might be another challenge to see the cooperation between Marvel Studios and Sony. The Nuhuman would fall under the Inhumans banner, which is owned by Marvel and alongside Fortune might highlight another cooperation for these films. More members of the Department of Justice seem to have a background with Sable, as Powell and Klein, who were in the comics part of Silver’s Wild Pack, are also going to make an appearance.

These reveals do highlight the potential of more cooperation between the two production studios to keep expanding the MCU. It would be interesting if they surprise people by recasting Delroy Lindo in the role of Fortune, which would indirectly keep the cancelled project alive and be a nice “indirect” reference to the TV universe. They certainly are building on Silver Sable’s background when it comes to the supporting cast, while the villain side takes inspiration from Spider-Man. It will be interesting to see what direction these projects will take moving forward.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing these characters on screen? Who would you cast in the various roles?

Source: That Hashtag Show