It appears The Wrap has since confirmed that Mark Mothersbaugh is, in fact, the composer for Thor: Ragnarok!

Following the release of some revealing Thor: Ragnarok set photos, a rumor concerning the film’s possible composer has made its way online and it’s a rather interesting one. When choosing composers for their films, Marvel has generally nabbed intriguing choices, whether it be Tyler Bates (Watchmen, 300) with Guardians of the Galaxy, Christophe Beck (Frozen, Edge of Tomorrow) for Ant-Man, or even Henry Jackman (Kick-Ass, Wreck-It Ralph) who has scored the last two Captain America films. The talent they bring in always has a wide range of projects under their belt much like the currently rumored Mark Mothersbaugh.

In a recent comment thread for the upcoming production, a fan went on to state that Mothersbaugh is set to score Ragnarok for Marvel Studios. Per the commenter, Mothersbaugh was approached by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi himself.

No clue if this has been mentioned yet, but Mark Mothersbaugh is doing the soundtrack for this. He had a lot of nice things to say about working with Taika Waititi, he (Mark) isn’t really a blockbuster movie guy, but Taika specifically reached out and sent him a bunch interesting demos and got him on board. The gist I got was it would be a mix of traditional orchestra and then synths. Mark seemed legitimately excited about what they were coming up with, so I’m optimistic this will have a better than normal soundtrack.

Of course, online forums don’t exactly have the best track record for revealing accurate information. But I’m not sure I’m able to write this one off so quickly considering Thor: Ragnarok is already several weeks into production, meaning they’ve likely already selected a composer at this point. Regardless, Mothersbaugh is an unconventional yet fantastic choice given his expansive discography as a composer and as a member of 80’s synth pop band Devo. Yes, that Devo. He’s an incredibly versatile composer with a body of work to prove any doubters wrong. Case in point, this snippet from The Lego Movie. With a composer like Mothersbaugh possibly on board, that 80’s Thor: Ragnarok logo just made a lot of sense.

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Source: NeoGAF.