Over the past two days, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been treated to a plethora of Doctor Strange set photos as the crew and cast made their way to New York for the final days of production on the film. And now, director Scott Derrickson has taken to Twitter to confirm that they’ve wrapped production with a photo of him holding a Doctor Strange comic, bringing things full-circle to the similar tweet he posted when he confirmed that he’d signed on to direct the film back in June of 2014.



While Derrickson hasn’t been as active as usual on Twitter lately due to Doctor Strange, he has willingly shared photos from the paparazzi and fans in the past, offering us a better look at the cast, and has continually posted various Doctor Strange comic panels and covers, showcasing his pure excitement over the project. Now that they’ve finished production and are making their way into post, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Derrickson, much like the Russo brothers have, offer up more bits for fans over social media leading up to the film’s release.

With the film set to hit movie theaters later this year, on November 4th, we can more than likely expect to see some more official looks from the film in the coming months, and possibly even a teaser trailer when Captain America: Civil War hits movie theaters next month.