After having such a long winning streak, Marvel Studios may seem like some kind of pop culture hit factory by now. Marvel’s been good at getting new and exciting voices to spearhead their films, as opposed to hiring the same old tried and true directors from Hollywood’s usual players. This strategy has mostly worked out in their favor, except for the falling out with Edgar Wright over Ant-Man, and has allowed them the ability to tell stories in ways that more experienced hands might shy away from. But out of all of the various franchises that the MCU has running around the Thor series, though decent and mostly good, could probably use a shot in the arm.

Enter New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi who’s known for odd comedy films and is slated to direct Thor: Ragnarok. This might have been seen by many as a gamble, but after the well-received mockumentary of what Thor was doing during Civil War, the world’s waiting to see what he’ll do with everyone’s favorite God of Thunder in his next solo film. Speaking to fans this past Saturday via a Reddit AMA, Waititi revealed, sometimes snarkily, that the next film in the Thor saga will be noticeably different from the series’ previous entries and the rest of the MCU.

One of the more notable parts of the film is the 80’s throwback logo. Looking like the cover of something you’d find in the discount bin at your local video store, back when those existed. The logo has elicited both praise and surprise from fans that dig the 70’s/80’s tribute. Waititi explained they chose the font style because:

“our film feels like that.” Waititi also confirmed that audiences can expect a 1980s vibe from the film, “and more.”

But when questioned on whether this film’s tone will mesh with the other Thor movies and the MCU, Waititi joked that he wasn’t even bothering to fit the film in with the rest. It appears that this film while a part of a whole, will also be very much a Waititi film.

“You can expect a Taika-esque tone. They’ve been very accepting of my style.”

This all seems like quite a departure from both the first Thor film and it’s sequel Thor: The Dark World. What we have here might be very much like when Shane Black took over directing duties from Jon Favreau for Iron Man 3. While it was definitely an Iron Man film, it was also definitely a Shane Black film. Of course, it had the same trappings as the previous films, but there was a change in tone and style that shook things up. Thor: Ragnarok, while still about space Vikings, will be filtered through the crazy mind Waititi.

“I think [Thor: Ragnarok] will be one of the most adventurous and most ‘out there’ of all the Marvel movies. It’s a crazy movie.”

A film that’s been billed as a road-trip movie with Thor and Bruce Banner, mixed with elements of Planet Hulk, the Norse apocalypse, Anthony Hopkins as Hobo Odin, Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, and Cate Blanchett as Hela, crazy is the correct word to describe it. How all of these elements work together is what makes it exciting. One of those elements, Bruce Banner, is a character that fans haven’t gotten to see enough of in comparison to the rest of the Avengers. Fortunately, according to Waititi, Banner is supposed to be the breakout star of the film. Though he’s not the only heroic connection in the movie. Mildly confirming speculation about Doctor Strange’s involvement in the story, Waititi admitted that they’rd be “references” to the Sorceror Supreme.

However the film turns out, it most definitely will be interesting. But what do you think? Does this sound like a Thor film you want to see? Comment below and let us hear your thoughts.

Source: Reddit