The Disney-Fox deal is coming together at a rapid pace. A recent report hinted at this massive deal between the two companies may have already come together. A new piece by Variety hints at the deal nearing its final steps, as Disney and 21st Century Fox have now gotten a group of bankers together to work out the fine print. This group includes major players like JP Morgan, Guggenheim Partners, Centerview Partners and Goldman Sachs. A deal of such magnitude naturally requires a lot of work, as quite a large sum is involved with the project, which is currently valued at $74 billion according to Bernstein Research analyst Todd Juenger. He made the following comment solidifying this sudden change in wanting to sell the massive enterprise.

Maybe the Murdochs have looked at the future and realized their business is a declining asset, worth more today than it ever will be in the future. So if you can sell it today, at a premium – do so.

Naturally, our largest focus on the potential of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Disney will purchase their film and TV divisions. Their main focus may be getting their hands on the massive library of films that the studio has at its disposal to truly cement their streaming service. It is still unsure how long until the deal is finalized, as Juenger points out they are also trying to purchase the remaining stake in Sky, which could mean another $20 billion would be required. This deal will shake up the entire Hollywood system, as it highlights the growing issues with the very traditional medium. If the deal is finalized we might see a massive shake-up not only for our favorite cinematic universe but also the goliath that is Hollywood.

When do you think the deal will be closed?

Source: Variety