In another sudden announcement, Disney has released a slew of dates for their movies all the way into 2023. Five of these dates are for Marvel movies with one of them being in 2o22, which means that Marvel Studios will for the second year in a row release four movies in a single year. Looks like Alan Horn was serious when he said Marvel Studios would be making up to four movies a year from now on.

UNTITLED MARVEL (DIS) is now dated Oct 7, 2022

UNTITLED MARVEL (DIS) is now dated Feb 17, 2023

UNTITLED MARVEL (DIS) is now dated May 5, 2023

UNTITLED MARVEL (DIS) is now dated July 28, 2023

UNTITLED MARVEL (DIS) is now Nov 3, 2023

Keep in mind that Sony is keen on releasing a Spider-Man sequel every two years which makes the likelyhood of one of those 2023 movie dates belonging to him high. It wouldn’t be the first time that Disney reserved a date that they would eventually give to Sony.

What could those other 2023 movies be? An obvious one would be Captain Marvel, since her movie made over a billion dollars. Another would be the long delayed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 with James Gunn returning as director. Another is Blade, since that was announced this year, along with already having its star. Personally, I hope it’s slated for that October release in 2022.

I mean, it just makes too much sense.

What movies do you think will fill these spots? Do you believe that Marvel Studios can handle producing four movies a year, along with the Disney+ shows?

Source: Deadline