During a massive panel between various executives of the film and entertainment industry, quite a lot of information from behind-the-scenes was revealed. Naturally, one aspect of the discussion involved Marvel Studios’ position in the industry. They are currently on a hot streak with 23 Box Office hits in their record.  Kevin Feige has become an important player within the industry and many have been wondering what it means for the future of the studio. Disney was also represented through Co-Chairman Alan Horn who confirmed that Feige is not wasting any time to continue his work. This was joined by a small jab at the continuous discussion of superhero fatigue among the various executives that started after the success of the first Avengers film.

“But Kevin Feige is working away. He will be making three or four a year. And they are very different from one another, so we’ll see.”

This is quite a big confirmation that in addition to the Star Wars film and the recently announced Disney+ shows, Feige‘s studio will still try to keep their pace with three to four films per year. 2020 might be the smallest year for quite some time as it only will include two films and the first Disney+ series The Falcon and the WinterSoldier. 2021 will see four releases alongside four planned Disney+ series which is a massive undertaking for the once small independent studio. It is quite exciting to think about how much MCU content will be readily available in the upcoming years if they stick to this direction. We also don’t know if the Spider-Man films are part of this plan even if it is the fourth installment of the 2021 releases.

What are you most excited about? Did you start to map out your plans to watch future MCU films?

Source: THR