Exciting times ahead! There’s been much speculation recently about the Marvel Studios’ slate of upcoming Disney Plus shows, with multiple series entering production (both earlier and later than expected), and number of new shows rumored to be in the works – such as Secret Invasion. Now, after months of little in the way of official reveals from the shows – excluding that awesome Superbowl Spot – we may finally be getting some more concrete info, and soon.

According to Star Wars News Net and a report from our friend Charles Murphy, Disney is set to unveil its forthcoming Disney Plus state at an event in London on March 5th – and that slate is expected to include the platform’s various Marvel properties. While we have no details beyond that, it seems safe to assume we’ll get release dates – or at least windows – for Loki, What If…? and Hawkeye, the only shows from Marvel’s initial SDCC reveal to not yet be dated – and perhaps even dates for Ms. MarvelMoon Knight and She Hulk. There’s also the possibility that Marvel could announce some new shows, but I’m not sure how likely that would be just yet – but you never know!

Whatever ends up getting announced, it’ll be nice to finally learn some more about the shows – even if it is just a rough idea of when to expect them, particularly given the recent confusion and reshuffling of production time frames. Personally, I’d like to know if we’re getting those Secret Invasion or Thunderbolts shows that have been long-rumored now – let us know below what you’re hoping for!

Source: Star Wars News Network