Surprise, Marvel fans!!! After only seeing a 30-second clip for Black Widow at the beginning of this year’s Super Bowl, the questions started popping up about if Marvel had only bought that amount of time for advertising instead of the normal full minute. Thankfully, those questions have been answered. In addition to the earlier clip, Marvel Studios has released its very first look at it’s new venture on Disney+, with 30 more seconds including the very first footage from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki!

The quality in all 3 shows looks absolutely fantastic, and it appears that Kevin Feige and his team are living up to the promises they’ve made so far on the new Disney+ mini-series having the same production value as the MCU feature films. The tease gives us so much to enjoy from all three new series, and even in only 30 seconds, there is so much to dissect.

For The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we see Sam Wilson getting his first run at wielding the Captain America shield, along with clips of him joining Bucky Barnes in action. Zemo has his fur coat while we see the homecoming for U.S. Agent. In the WandaVision portion, the show explores exactly how trippy this adventure with the Scarlet Witch and Vision will become. There is black and white footage, Wanda in her classic comic book suit for a hot second, and a sense of overall madness that the classic couple will try to navigate together. Loki only gives us one shot of Tom Hiddleston giving some menacingly threatening dialogue, but it’s obviously enough to make all of his fans squeal in excitement, and we also see the abbreviation TVA on his costume. Could this be a possible tease for the Time Variance Authority after his space-and-time-traveling shenanigans?!

The three shows are set to premiere in 2020 (WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Solider) and 2021 (Loki), and with this first new footage, we can finally geek out over Marvel’s new venture with Disney+!

Source: Marvel