It’s a great moment to be an MCU fan. The movies are getting bigger and more exciting, just as TV shows are going to start being produced not only by Marvel Studios but by the man himself, Kevin Feige. Rumors are coming left and right about a wide variety of series to integrate the MCU on Disney’s streaming service, known as Disney+.

Well, for those looking for news on the future of the mutants soon to be part of the universe, look no further. Rumors are suggesting that there could be several X-Men related ideas being pitched to become series on Disney+. Although it could be the case, these shows most likely refer to adjacent properties and not the full-on X-Men team themselves, since the most known properties are most likely going to be saved for the movies.

This should all be taken with a grain of salt, since it’s merely a rumor, but it would be an efficient way to consolidate the mutants in the MCU without using up too much of the screentime. There isn’t a lot more information on that, but putting together these rumors with what’s already known about the MCU on Disney+, it’s becoming clear that Marvel is going to use the platform as a chance to give more time to fan favorites that aren’t really the protagonists of the movies.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on what’s to come from Marvel on Disney+, since more and more news are sure to come as we come closer to the platforms’ release.

Source: We Got This Covered