The shows appearing on Disney+ like Loki, Falcon & Winter Solider, and WandaVision will reportedly be between six to eight episodes in length. This means that we”ll (hopefully) not have to deal with the common criticism thrown at the now cancelled Netflix shows; them being too long. This matches what Elizabeth Olsen said during the premiere of Avengers: Endgame and that WandaVision would be around six hours long. Additionally, the stars of these shows negotiated a new set of contracts separate from the movies.

However, this deal could result in the renewal of movie contracts for future appearances. So, Kevin Feige wasn’t just spinning yarn. It helps that these shows have been reported to be limited series. This new streaming service has boundless opportunities for the franchise moving forward. Disney+ will let Kevin Feige tell stories that the movies cannot, but also giving focus to lesser characters.

Who knows what future series may hold?

Maybe there will be a limited series focused on Kamala Khan before she makes the jump to the movies. Or maybe that Lady Sif show rumored is true. The possibilities are tantalizing to think about.

Source: THR