Deadline has revealed several key details to Disney’s highly-talked about streaming service, wittingly referred to as Mouseflix by our own Caleb, and they paint a good picture of what MCU fans can expect from the service that will compete with Netflix. According to Deadline:

  • The streaming service WILL NOT be home to R-rated fare. Disney wants to keep up the brand they’re known for (G to PG-13). R-rated fare may be headed to Hulu while the ultraviolent Marvel-Netflix shows will remain in the same place.

  • Disney is eyeing to create a brand new live-action Marvel series as part of its inaugural launch slate. Included in that slate is a Star Wars series as well.

  • 10-episode seasons are being eyed for the TV shows in development. Budget shall range from $25-35 million (which is in the same ballpark as the Netflix shows) but “an exceptionally ambitious series could have a budget cap of $100 million for that 10-episode season.” Fingers crossed that the Marvel show gets that $100 million budget.

There’s a lot to unpack here. We’re all for big budgeted TV shows especially 10-episode ones. We aren’t surprised that Disney wants to maintain the consistency of their successful branding. We find it interesting that Hulu is a key figure in housing Disney-owned TV properties that are darker and edgier. That could be the home of new Marvel shows in addition to Runaways. The Netflix shows remaining in the same place isn’t a shock though we are curious if that no-new-properties mandate still applies.

Source: Deadline