Now that we’re just under a month away from the premiere of Doctor Strange, you can bet that marketing for the film will be kicking into overdrive. About a month ago, we received the first featurette as a part of the Captain America: Civil War home media release, which you can see here. Now today, Marvel released a second Doctor Strange featurette that you can watch in its entirety above.

The featurette has a few quick quotes from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the titular character in the film. In addition to the quick lines from the two, we’re offered a look into some of the special effects shown in the film, including a few shots of what appears to be different sections of the “Multiverse”.

“Steve Ditko is one of the greatest Marvel artists in history, and that we’re now able to take what he put in the mid-’60s in these trippy comic panels and comic covers and we now have the technology to put that into big three-dimensional space on a movie screen is amazing,” said Feige. “And we’re not pulling back.”

For those that don’t follow the Comicsverse, Ditko is the artist credited with creating Doctor Strange, a.k.a. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., in 1963. Just as the hippie movement started gearing up in the early 60’s, Ditko introduced a character that dealt with the supernatural in book after book full of psychedelic and trippy panels.

“‘Doctor Strange’ represents an entirely new aspect of the Cinematic Universe,” said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in the featurette. “Just like in the comics, ‘Doctor Strange’ deals with parallel dimensions. He deals with the multiverse.”

With the Doctor Strange taking us on a trip through the Multiverse, the marketing team behind the movie has been bringing the heat all summer along with some of the best marketing that’s surrounded an MCU film, like the image in the tweet below. On the side of a building in Hong Kong, we can see Dr. Strange himself emerging out of a wormhole that’s morphing the building around him. Talk about pretty wicked, right?

Source: Youtube and Twitter.