Update: Just Jared has released even more photos from the set. The latest photos show more running but also some magic hands for a possibly levitating Cumberbatch and clarification that Wong is not present. Instead, it looks like other students of The Ancient One have joined Strange and Mordo in their battle against whatever threat they are facing. Check them out below!

While the majority of the focus for Marvel fans is on the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, there is also this small film coming out later this year that we should all be excited about. Doctor Strange will bring the mysticism and magic into the MCU, and it has one of the best casts to date for a Marvel film. The movie should be nearing the end of filming, and now they have gone to New York to continue filming.

A Benedict Cumberbatch fan page on Facebook has posted some brand new set photos that show both Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo. The photos show plenty of battle scars for Strange, which makes me wonder just what they have been dealing with.

Doctor Strange 3

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 1

Doctor Strange and Mordo 2

Doctor Strange and Mordo

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has posted a short clip from the set that shows Strange and Mordo running and leaping away from something. It also looks like Wong is close behind them along with another mysterious man jumping behind them.

Seeing more from the film’s set makes me even more eager to see some sort of official teaser in the near future. I’d like to think that it will be finished by the Captain America: Civil War comes around and we see it as a post-credit scene.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016.

Source: Facebook & Twitter.