Ultimately, there wouldn’t be as many movies in the MCU as there are if they didn’t perform well at the box office. While it would be great for everybody in the entertainment industry be in this business for the sake of the art, and for the love of bringing these characters to life, but as a multi-million dollar business, it is expected that these properties will bring in the profits.

As Director Scott Derrickson shared, today, the most recent MCU film, Doctor Strange, is continuing to earn its keep, and in has now broken into the list of the top 100 grossing movies of all time.

Derrickson went on to point out that the film hasn’t been released in Japan, yet, which will lead to additional box office revenue. Our predictions have the film rising above Guardians of the Galaxy (number 66 on the list, currently) before its run is over.

It’s not unusual for a Marvel Studios film to rise much further. In fact, there are three movies from the MCU in the list of the top twenty grossing movies of all time. How far do you think Doctor Strange will rise? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Box Office Mojo, via Twitter