Some potential casting news for the upcoming Doctor Strange film appears to have been uncovered. Back in July Omega Underground tweeted an excited post on Twitter noting that Tina Minoru, a dark arts sorcerer and mother of Runaways member Nico Minoru, is in the Doctor Strange prequel comic and may, indeed, be in the movies as well.

A lower level character to be sure, but the announcement shortly thereafter that Marvel would be making a Runaways show for Hulu (see this MCU Exchange article) made the casting news all the more compelling. “It’s all connected”, after all.

This was made more interesting when a little-known actress, Linda Louise Duan, began liking the tweets and following Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, and Benedict Wong who portrays Wong in the film.


Later, on her personal web page, Duan posted that she has, indeed, been cast in Doctor Strange as Tina Minoru and her IMDB page has been subsequently updated.

In addition, the Avengers Indonesia Twitter account has posted this image from what it claims to be a Doctor Strange international trailer that appears to show Duan in action.

So, if all this information proves correct, it does seem Tina Minoru will be in the film portrayed by Duan. Does this also mean that she’ll be seen in the Runaways series as well? Is it really all connected?

In addition, the same article on Omega Underground also speculates on the appearance and casting of Brother Voodoo, another magical superhero, an ally of Doctor Strange, and, in the comics, ultimately Sorcerer Supreme.

The article cites an earlier interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had a mention by Feige of the name “Drumm” leading many to believe he was referring to New York-based psychologist Jericho Drumm, who became Brother Voodoo following the death of his brother, Daniel Drumm. After examining the cast lists for Doctor Strange that found that actor Kobna Holbrook-Smith is listed as portraying a “brawny therapist” and Mark Anthony Brighton is listed as portraying “Daniel Drumm”.

Again, if these speculations prove to be true it does appear as if the mystic side of the MCU is about to glow a little brighter. We’ll find out in just 3 weeks, on November 4, when Doctor Strange hits theaters.

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