As we near closer to the release of Marvel’s next blockbuster, Doctor Strange, we’re beginning to learn more about the studio’s first foray into the Mystic Arts. Following the release of a new international trailer this morning, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive new still featuring Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in another dimension. Thus far, Marvel has only briefly teased the psychedelic feel this movie will have, instead choosing to tease the visual treat the film will be through the movie’s trailers and TV spots. However, after holding a special IMAX 3D presentation where they showcased fifteen minutes from the film, it appears they’re ready to give us a glimpse at the explosive visuals.

In the latest still, which you can see below, we see the film manage to pull off the Steve Ditko artwork from the classic comics, images fans have been eagerly waiting to see ever since the film entered production. For those of you – such as myself – that weren’t able to attend the IMAX 3D presentation, this is a nice glance at what’s to come. It’s bright, it’s different from everything we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, and it’s… Strange. (Pun totally intended.) It’s as though they’ve taken Steve Ditko‘s work and brought it to life.


Along with the new image, the folks at EW were able to briefly talk to director Scott Derrickson about the imagery and how he wanted to ensure the film stood out from other superhero films visually. As Derrickson goes on to say, while he wanted to do things that were new, he also wanted to make sure that the imagery took the character “into an interesting place”.

“The general approach is to do set pieces that haven’t been done before,” he said of his movie. “As an audience member, watching superhero movies, I have an appetite to see new kinds of images. When it comes to visual effects, with the big budget movies, it seems like — outside of extreme versions of gunfights, and explosions, and general destruction — there’s not a lot of creativity. You know, we can do anything, and yet this combat and destruction seems to be all that gets done. I really thought Doctor Strange deserved more than that. I thought it deserved to be at least an attempt to do things that are new, and to use the capability of modern visual effects in a way that told the origin story of Doctor Strange, and took that character into an interesting place, but also provide an audience with a lot of things that are unexpected. That was always the goal for me.”

As to where he drew inspiration from? Ditko was, obviously, one of the bigger influences of the film, but the director notes that he also drew inspiration from a blacklight poster he has hanging in his house.

“It is the section of the movie that is most directly inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s Doctor Strange comic book, specifically the Steve Ditko panels that were very psychedelic, and also a blacklight poster from 1971 that I have hanging above my desk at home,” Derrickson said last week when EW caught up with him for this week’s Doctor Strange cover story. “It’s also the banner on my Twitter feed. So those are the visual inspirations for that space and it is all taken directly from the Marvel comic universe.”

And if that isn’t enough Strange for you today, Cumberbatch’s Doctor was also featured on the cover of the new EW issue. You can view that below.


Doctor Strange is set to hit the big screen on November 4th. If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase your tickets. And if you favor AMC over Regal, don’t forget to snag one of these awesome posters when you go check out the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly.