One of the most looked forward to features of a movie’s DVD are the deleted scenes and Doctor Strange is a film sure to have a ton of them, being one of the shortest films in the MCU, next to Thor: The Dark World. But, in a statement from director Scott Derrickson; it wasn’t about film length. It was about what tested well and what didn’t in the storytelling and here’s what he said about it:

“They weren’t hard to cut. We tested the movie with and without them. It wasn’t just about the audience’s reaction, it was really how the movie felt.” – Scott Derrickson

Earlier today, EW gave us a taste of one of the scenes that didn’t work well in the storytelling process. In a released deleted scene, we see antagonist Kaecilius (played by Mads Mikkelson) leading his followers into a spell to someone Dormammu. And when one of the students does not seem to be affected by this spell, he is swiftly taken care of. In case you need some brushing up, Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension. He’s an insanely powerful planet destroyer who literally is [SPOILER] annoyed into submission by Strange.

If that player doesn’t work for you, just head over to EW to check out the deleted scene and remember, Doctor Strange comes out on Digital HD February 14th and DVD/Blu-Ray on February 28th.

Source: EW