Working on a Marvel Studios project comes with some perks, outside of being a part of the largest franchises in the world. One of the more appealing facets, especially to collectors like myself, is the promotional goodies cast and crew are usually given during or after either production or filming. In many cases we’ve seen thus far, cast/crew gifts give us first looks at concepts of the project or sometimes even the main characters’ design.

Today’s crew merch reveal is a comic-inspired piece for Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness that gives us some juicy things to analyze for a better idea of what to expect in the upcoming sequel. We’ve got our heroes in their best battle-ready stances. The team is also coming out of a star-shaped dimensional rift that happens to be a product of America’s powers in the comics. It’s more than safe to expect a version of this in the film.

There is still plenty of information being held back regarding the film. Hopefully, we’re inching closer to a trailer reveal as the film is still set to release in March of 2022. All around this is a great piece of art that should bring in the hype for our Sorcerer Supremes second solo outing.