Fans can’t get enough of Doctor Strange. The first stand-alone film for the Sorcerer Supreme was incredibly profitable in theaters, with visuals that fans needed to see more than once. In fact, the movie made me want to open a portal into the theater, so that I could see it over and over.

Since we all don’t have sling rings, the closest we will get to a portal into the world of Doctor Strange are our televisions, computers, phones, or tablets, and a Netflix connection where (in the United States) we will be able to download the movie as frequently as we desire, starting May 30. That is the Wednesday after Memorial Day weekend, just missing the opportunity to avoid people in order to binge the movie over and over, like I’m sure you did for Captain America: Civil War which had it’s Netflix release on Christmas.

If you can’t call in sick on May 30, the series will still be there when you have the free time to watch. Netflix has an exclusive deal to air all of Disney’s new movies (in the United States), so it should be sticking around on the streaming service. All new Marvel movies, after Civil War will be on the streaming service, which will equate to a long, quality binge, a few years from now.

How excited are you to see the origin of Doctor Strange again? Let us know, in the comments! Meanwhile, he will pop up again this fall, in Thor: Ragnarok.